EvoShave Series 3 Five Blade Cartridge Pack (4 Cartridges)

Each blade is made from Sandvik Stainless Steel, Chromium Teflon Coated and set to a perfect level of protrusion and angle to ensure a safe, smooth and close shave that also reduces skin irritation.

LUBRICATING STRIP with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E EASY TO CHANGE CARTRIDGE: Connecting the cartridge to the handle is easy; simply click in to replace the cartridge when needed. A cartridge replacement is recommended every 2 weeks and could vary on number of times used, depending on your hair and skin type.

4 Pack
πŸ€ eco-friendly ♻️ reusable πŸ’° 100% money-back guarantee

Unrivalled Blade Sharpness

Blades are so sharp that they can easily cut through men's and women's hair anywhere on the body. They are made of high-quality Sandvik Stainless Steel and have Chromium Teflon Coating for effortless glide.

Razor pack


EvoShave case holding razor and cartridge
Clip the casette into the handle
Slide the cartridge off of the blade
Complete handle and blade