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Handle 1x
Cartridges 2x
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Cartridge pack

Cartridges 2x
Magazine 1x

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Flex your Fingers

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Our story

EvoShave was inspired by the need to achieve a more controlled shave.

We created an unique unisex razor for all individuals, to provide
a more connected shaving experience through its ergonomic fingertip design.
It not only makes you re‑evaluate what we expect a razor to be,
but re‑defines your entire shaving experience.


Luke Williams
Tom Sheard
Sarah Daillo
Taislany Gomes

Very handy little thing, really good travel shaver. You can shave without a mirror, and anywhere, all you need is a little bottle of shave oil. Pop it in rucksack or handbag, forget about it 'til you need it.


This razor is a game changer, so much easier to shave as feels like an extension of your fingers. Gives an amazing smooth finish and blades last a while. Also really cute colours

Honestly I love this razor! I was a little skeptical of the hype to begin with but I tried it and I love it! It's a little weird to get used to at first but then it's super super easy! I recommend this to my friends too! I felt like I got a close shave :D I like the little carry case that it comes in too, it's really nice to store it in when I'm not using it

Saw this when looking for razors, looked quite cool, friendly price. Was very surprised to discover that it was going through my heavy stubble really nicely and somehow, after using it for just a little while it's making my other metal stick razors feel strangely heavy and clunky. I think I'm converting to finger flex shaving. Well done EvoShave.

This shaver is so light and easy to use that you feel like your fingers are the razor! Really close shave too.
Only £4.99 too for a starter razor and spare cartridge, great value for money.