🍀 eco-friendly 🍀 ♻️ reusable carry case ♻️ 💰 100% money back guarantee 💰

Here's How it Works

Learn more about what makes EvoShave so good.

Smooth like butter.
Or shaving foam...
(Don't Use Butter, Obviously)

EvoShave delivers a much more controlled shave.


We created an unique unisex razor for all individuals, to provide a more connected shaving experience through its ergonomic fingertip design.


Join the journey by planting a tree at checkout to offset carbon and support UK veterans and social mobility. We are proud to work with Carma to make this happen when you buy from us.

Together, we can do great things and create a world where trees grow strong, the air becomes cleaner, and we have hope for the future. Even the small things we do, like planting a tree, can make a big difference. If we all work together, we can stop climate change and make the world greener for the next generations.

So let's start this amazing journey today and become heroes for the planet!

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