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The handle

The new and improved EvoShave handle has a perfected ergonomic design
that captures your fingers' natural form for a truly connected shaving experience.

Flexible Wings  |  Adapts to any finger size
Fingertip Area  |  Perfected comfort for a closer shave
Thumb Grip Area  |  Extra control and precision styling
Cartridge Attachment  |  Easy clip mechanism

Bidirectional cartridge

The enhanced 3 blade bidirectional cartridge, provides ultimate control or an effortless and fluid shaving experience. 2 blades shaving down and 1 blade shaving up.

3 blades  |  Sandvik steel & Chromium Teflon coated

Reusable carry case

Designed to be kept and not thrown away.
The lightweight protective case is compact and easy to store, carry or travel with.
Compact, lightweight and durable
protective case that’s easy to store,
carry or travel with.

Changing the cartridge

Connecting the cartridge to the handle is easy,
simply click in to replace the cartridge when needed.
A simple click in system to replace
the cartridge using the magazine.